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Curved lengths of rubber or wood secured to the
Chafing Strips
top deck of a buoy to protect the coating from
impact and abrasion.
A steel or concrete weight attached to anchor chain
subassemblies to dampen the effects of a sudden
strain on the mooring.
Any separate part or piece of hardware which is a
Component (of a mooring)
pat-t of the mooring system.
A wire rope which is used to provide an electrical
path between an anode and the metal which it
The deterioration of a metal or alloy by an
electrochemical reaction with its environment.
The pulling of a mooring from its installed location,
but not involving disconnection, break, or
structural failure in any of its components (see
Material used in blocking and securing mooring
A quantity in an electrical field measured (in volts)
Electrical Potential
with reference to some known level of potential
such as a silver-silver chloride reference half-cell.
A nonmetallic medium such as seawater, which is
capable of conducting electricity by movement of
ions rather than electrons.
Failure (of a mooring)
The loss of a mooring's ability to hold a load caused
by a break, disconnection, structural failure, or


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