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The correction or remedy of a defective condition
Repair (of a mooring)
while a mooring is in service.
A relatively small buoy attached by a wire rope to
Retriever Buoy
an anchor or an anchor chain subassembly. This
buoy marks the position of the mooring material to
which it is attached and precludes a search for this
material during recovery operations.
Used to denote the position at which a mooring
Ring Marker Buoy
anchor is to be installed. It also marks the direction
of an anchor chain subassembly from the desired
position of the mooring buoy.
V e r t i c a l chain extending from a ground ring
Riser Subassembly
upward to a mooring buoy; includes the ground
ring and attached joining links.
A rust-colored discoloration of surrounding coating
caused by localized corrosion of exposed metal.
A metallic anode (usually zinc) which supplies
Sacrificial Anode
electrons for cathodic protection of another metal,
thereby consuming or "sacrificing" itself.
A 15-fathom (90-foot) length of chain.
See Clump.
The region immediately above the high tide level;
Splash Zone
the splashing action of waves keeps this area
continually wetted by highly oxygenated seawater;
materials suffer accelerated rates of corrosion in
this zone.


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