Quantcast Component Sponsored Investment Program (CSIP)

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facility shall be governed by the procedures applicable to the
installation that owns or is accountable for the equipment of
Use of existing facilities and equipment shall be given priority
consideration in planning and establishing a recycling program.
Equipment, such as balers and shredders, available at a DoD
installation or through Government Services Administration (GSA)
shall be shared whenever possible to reduce costs.
Construction of holding bins and sorting platforms or other recycling
facility improvements can be paid for with recycling money.  Supplemental Funding Sources.  Within an installation,
"seed" money for a QRP may come from the Central Base Fund, Service
Headquarters funds, or other nonappropriated funds.  The money can be in the
form of a loan or a direct allocation.  Several funds are available through DoD's Productivity
Enhancing Capital Investment (PECI) Program for a wide range of cost- and
labor-saving capital investments which could include equipment or facilities
in support of a QRP.  Three funds are available that cover a broad spectrum of
activities and functions.  These funds operate under DoD Instruction 5010.36,
which provides uniform project documentation formats and criteria for project
selection and military post investment appraisal.  The Fast Payback Capital
Investment (FASCAP) is probably most applicable to a QRP.  Each of the funds
is briefly described below.  Productivity Investment Fund (PIF).  PIF focuses on long-
term investments with a payback period of 4 years or less.  Investments are
limited to projects with costs greater than $150,000.  Component Sponsored Investment Program (CSIP).  The CSIP
fund complements PIF but is more flexible.  Investment limits and availability
of funding vary depending on the annual budget allocation within each service.  Fast Payback Capitol Investment (FASCAP).  Investments are
limited to opportunities with costs ranging between $3,000 and $150,000.
Projects selected for FASCAP financing must be expected to return costs within
2 years.  Projects are submitted on a year-round basis.  See DoD
Instruction 5010.36 for submittal procedures.  Each project is reviewed to
ensure that it conforms with restrictions established by public law or by DoD
or service policies.  It is then considered for financing in competition with
other proposals.  Since people are one of the Department's most costly and
constrained resources, PIF projects promising personnel savings are given the
highest priority in the selection process.  However, other projects that
produce significant savings in energy, material, or dollar resources are also
financed through PECI funds. Transfer of Accountability and Custody.  Upon transfer of
the waste to DRMO by an installation, the turn-in document (DD Form 1348-1)


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