Quantcast Resource Recovery and Recycling Program (RRRP) Operations

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must indicate that the material is recyclable, with funds to be deposited in a
Budget Clearing Account.  Account numbers exist for each installation and can be
obtained from the base comptroller.
Resource Recovery and Recycling Program (RRRP) Operations.
Once an RRRP has been justified and established, policies and procedures must be
developed for operating the program.  Although specifics may vary from
installation to installation, many of the Policies & Procedures will be similar.
A sample outline of policies and procedures is given below and shall be used for
guidance only.
General Policies
The purpose of an RRRP is to process recyclable material and to
ensure participation by base personnel.
Recyclable materials are defined as those products having no value
other than their basic material content but which can be altered
through chemical or physical processes.  These materials include,
but are not limited to, wood, metal, paper, glass, grease,
petroleum products, and cardboard.
The recycling plant (a designated building) serves as a staging
area, warehouse, pickup and delivery point, and base of
Recyclable materials will be marketed and sold by the DRMO.
RRRP will supply DRMO with pertinent information concerning type,
quantity, and grade of recyclable material for sale.
RRRP personnel will attend any local training or safety briefings
relating to RRRP conducted by DRMO or any other base organization.
Procedures:  Collection, segregation, processing, delivery, and
shipment of recyclable materials by RRRP staff will be in accordance
with procedures outlined herein and under the guidance of the local
RRRP manager.
Collection of ledger-grade paper:
(1) RRRP will maintain a current list of Recycling Building
Monitors, by facility, as supplied by the various
Directorates, Commands, and Tenant organizations.
(2) The local RRRP manager and Building Monitors will identify
generating facilities and locate collection points within
each facility.
(3) All grades of recyclable paper will be segregated at the
generating source by employees, military and civilian, of
that facility according to current contract requirements, as


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