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Scope of Work.  The contractor shall furnish all labor, tools,
materials, vehicles, equipment, transportation, and supervision, except as
specified herein as Government-furnished, to manage and perform all operations
for the collections, transportation, and disposal of all refuse generated at
the installations or areas defined in the schedules.  This shall include, but
is not limited to, repair parts, tools, shelter, and maintenance mechanics to
perform maintenance repairs on equipment.  The contractor shall perform in
accordance with all terms, conditions, specifications, and standards contained
in this contract and all current local, State of Washington, and Federal
regulations, and shall obtain such permits, bonds, licenses, or other
authorizations as may be required.
Type of Refuse.  The refuse consists of general household and yard
wastes including lawn and flower bed trimmings, grass, grass clippings and
grass roots, cardboard boxes, cartons, plastic bags, bundled and tied
newspapers, magazines, tree branches, etc.  Frequently large and unusual types
of waste, (examples include discarded furniture, toys, packing cartons,
lumber, appliances, very large branches, Christmas trees) are placed out for
collection by quarters' occupants.  On an average, the volume of refuse is
equivalent to three and one half (3-1/2) 32-gallon refuse containers per week
from all of the quarters.
Contractor's Project Manager.  The contractor shall designate in writing
to the Contracting Officer a project manager who shall be in charge of
contract administration and supervision and shall be available at all times
during normal working hours.  This project manager shall direct the con-
tractor's work force and operations in accordance with the requirements of
this contract.  The contractor's project manager shall be empowered with
authority to make normal field decisions which may arise in the day-to-day
operations without undue delay.  The contractor's project manager shall report
to the Refuse Section Foreman or his assistant in the morning and noon period
of each working day in person or by phone to receive any complaints that have
been reported.
The project manager shall be responsible for insuring that deficiencies
have been corrected and the work properly reported to the Contracting
Officer's Representative (COR).  If there is a problem beyond the control of
the contractor that does not permit the contractor to perform the requirements
of this contract, the contractor shall report such instances the following
workday.  Failure to correct reasonable deficiencies will result in reduced
monthly payments as shown in the Performance Requirements Summary or may be
cause for the termination of the contract as determined by the "Default"


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