Quantcast Management Plan

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A file of all inspections conducted by the contractor and the corrected
action taken shall be maintained.  This documentation shall be made available
to the Government during the term of the contract.
Quality Assurance.  The Government will monitor the contractor's
performance under this contract using the quality assurance procedures as
specified in the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan.
Hours of Operation.  All collections shall be made between the hours of
0730 and 1600.  Collections shall normally not be made on Sunday (or Saturday
at Base B).  At the option of the contractor, collections may be made on
Federal holidays or schedules may be varied to provide pickup as required. At
least ten (10) days prior to any Federal holiday on which pickup is scheduled,
the contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer that collections will be
made on that day or shall arrange for varying the collection schedule.
Management Plan.  Within five (5) working days after award of contract,
the contractor shall submit to the Contracting Officer for approval a schedule
of proposed routes and the day(s) of the week of collection for each quarters
Access to Facilities.  The Base A Sanitary Fill is available to the
Contractor without charge.  The contractor shall comply with rules and
directions of the Fill Dumpmaster.  Only refuse collected pursuant to this
contract may be disposed of at the Base A Sanitary Fill.
Safety Requirements.  In order to provide safety control for the protec-
tion of life and health of employees and other persons; for the prevention of
damage to property, supplies, materials, and equipment; and for avoidance of
work interruptions in the performance of this contract, the contractor shall
comply with OSHA and all pertinent provisions of military safety documents
published by the U.S. Army and published by the U.S. Government Printing
Vehicles shall be operated at all times in a safe manner with all posted
speed limits strictly observed.  Vehicles shall not be "leapfrogged" or driven
side by side when making collections.
Conservation of Utilities
Utilities provided to the contractor such as heat, electricity, and
water shall be conserved and used only as needed.
The contractor shall conserve electrical power that is Government
provided to any contractor office or storage area on post.
Physical Security/Key Control
The contractor shall safeguard all Government property provided for
contractor use.  At the close of each work period, Government facilities,
equipment, and materials shall be secured.


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