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The contractor shall establish and implement methods of insuring that
all keys issued to the contractor by the Government are not lost or misplaced
and are not used by unauthorized persons.  No keys issued to the contractor by
the Government shall be duplicated.
As used throughout this contract, the following terms shall have the
meanings set forth below:
Refuse.  All garbage, ashes, debris, rubbish, and other similar waste
material.  Not included are explosive and incendiary waste and contaminated
waste from medical and radiological processes.
Garbage.  Animal and vegetable waste (and containers thereof) resulting
from the handling, preparation, cooking, and consumption of foods.  Edible or
hogfood garbage is the portion of waste food which has been segregated for
The residue from burned wood, coal, coke, and other combustible
Debris.  Grass cuttings, tree trimmings, stumps, street sweeping, roofing
and construction wastes, and similar waste material.
Rubbish.  A variety of unsalvageable waste material such as metal,
glass, crockery, floor sweepings, paper, wrapping, containers, cartons, and
similar articles not used in preparing or dispensing food.  Rubbish is further
subdivided into:
Combustible Rubbish.  Material which can be burned readily in an
incinerator or burning pit.
Noncombustible Rubbish.
Material which cannot be burned readily in an
incinerator or burning pit.
Receptacles or Containers.  Cans, drums, bins, or similar receptacles
which can be handled easily, and multiple containers which are handled by
mechanical truck-mounted hoists.
"Refuse collection" means a system of transporting refuse, including
nonaccountable salvage, from pickup stations to points of disposal.  It
includes the dumping, disposal, or unloading of refuse at the point of
"Collection" means the accumulated refuse from any one unit at any one
time, regardless of the number of containers, cartons, bundles, or weight.
"Pickup stations" means the nearest adjacent alley, street or parking
lot edge or curbside, as the case may be, where refuse may be conveniently and
efficiently assembled and stored in containers for collection.
"Curbside" means the area within ten (10) feet from the alley, street,
or parking-lot edge or curbing, except in unusual circumstances.


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