Quantcast Schedule and Points of Collection

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Safety Standards (49 CFR 390-396) and Noise Emission Standards for Motor
Carriers Engaged in Interstate Commerce (40 CFR 202) and Federal Motor Vehicle
Standards (40 CFR 500-580) and shall comply with all federal, state, and local
air pollution standards and regulations.
The contractor shall provide sufficient equipment to maintain a standby
vehicle in case of breakdown or emergency.  The contractor shall also provide
adequate maintenance and repair service for this equipment to ensure that
sufficient vehicles are maintained in good operation.  All trucks must be kept
clean and in good mechanical condition and shall be painted so as to present a
good appearance, preferably white.  Also, each vehicle shall be identified
with a number which will be clearly painted on each side of the vehicle.
Vehicles shall be washed at least weekly to maintain a sanitary condition.
The refuse collection trucks, except for those used for collection of
large and abnormal items, shall be equipped with a closed circuit television
camera that views the area immediately behind the vehicle up to the distance
that cannot be seen in the vehicle's rear view mirrors.  As an alternate, a
ground guide shall be used during all backing operations.
Within five (5) days after award of the contract, the contractor shall
have his collection equipment inspected by an authorized representative from
Base Facilities Engineering for conformance with contract requirements.
Approval of equipment shall be made by the Contracting Officer prior to
commencement of refuse collection.  Any additional or replacement equipment to
be used in the performance of this contract shall be similarly inspected and
approved prior to use.
Custodial Service.  The contractor shall be responsible for custodial
services for the areas assigned to him for his use, to include care and
maintenance for the grounds around the facilities.
Schedule and Points of Collection
The contractor shall provide the services of refuse collection and
disposal as described below:
Route and Collection Schedules.  The contractor shall establish a plan
for vehicle routes and collection schedule and submit this plan to the
Contracting Officer for approval five (5) days after contract award.
The refuse collection schedule shall be accomplished between the hours
of 0730 and 1600, Monday through Friday.  No work shall be done on weekends
without the prior approval of the Contracting Officer.
In the event of change in routes or schedules that alter the day of
pickup, the contractor shall submit a plan and description of the change two
(2) weeks prior to the commencement of the proposed change to the Contracting
Officer for approval.  If the change is approved, the Contractor shall notify
in writing the family housing occupants affected, one (1) week prior to making
the change.


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