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Points of Collection.
(Pickup Stations)
Collections of refuse by the contractor shall be made from areas noted
on the vicinity maps shown in Technical Exhibit ____.
Larger-scale map(s) showing quarter numbers will be supplied to the
contractor by the Contracting Officer.
Frequency of Collection.  Collection of refuse shall be made in a
systematic manner at the frequency specified in the bid schedule.  These
collections shall be scheduled so that collection in each area will be made
the same day/days every week and approximately the same time of day.  If twice
weekly collection option is selected, the contractor's schedule shall be
arranged so that the collections are at least three days apart each week from
each quarters.  All refuse, whether in reusable or in disposable containers,
placed at designated pickup stations, shall be collected.  The quantity of
refuse to be collected may be slightly larger due to the frequency of
personnel reassignments which are not normal to a civilian community but are
normal in military housing.  The number and size of the reusable containers
will vary at each set of quarters.
Prior to collection on scheduled collection days, quarters occupants
will place all refuse at the pickup station which is the nearest adjacent
alley, street, or parking-lot curbside, as the case may be.  All large and
abnormal items of waste to be collected will be placed in the vicinity of the
pickup station by the quarters occupant.
All items generated from family housing units too large to fit into the
packer-type refuse trucks or items more efficiently and economically collected
by the use of other types of equipment such as a open-top container truck
shall be collected on the scheduled pickup day.  No large items, leaves,
and/or limbs shall be left on the street or curbside over the weekend.  The
weekend is defined as a period of time between 1600 on Friday and 0700 on
Monday.  See Section ___, Specific Collection, for items to be picked up.  All
items collected shall be disposed of at a Sanitary Landfill. Large items shall
be collected no later than 1600 on the normal refuse collection day scheduled
for the housing area in which items are located. All refuse shall be picked up
without regard to size, weight, or container contents.
Position of Containers.  The contractor shall return containers to their
original position in an upright position with lids securely in place.  The
contractor shall not place the emptied containers on sidewalks, in streets, in
front of mail boxes, or in any manner which shall interfere with motor vehicle
traffic, pedestrian traffic, or mail delivery.
Special Collections.  In addition to the collections specified above,
the contractor shall make collections of all large and abnormal items of
waste, including but not limited to discarded furniture, toys, packing
cartons, lumber, appliances, very large branches, Christmas trees, and other
material placed out for collection by quarters occupants.  These items may not
be tied or bundled.  The contractor shall not collect large rocks (greater
than two inches in diameter), earth (but not including the earth that is
attached to lawns and flower bed edge trimmings), or any other type of fill
material.  The Refuse Section foreman will report any calls for collections of


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