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q The
hazards known or anticipated during the task.
q Safety
precautions to enforce while working.
If during the course of the work, changes in the plan become necessary,
members of the crew who are affected must be called together and the changes
1.1.1 Prior to Installation.  Before installation of any equipment, the
person in charge should identify all the circuits present. Conductors should
be identified in terms of circuit and voltage, both at the point where work is
to be done and at all switching and grounding points involved.  Prior to
installation of metering equipment, the supervisor of the building, or area of
the building receiving its electrical supply from the metering point, should
be advised of the installation.  Barricades or barriers should be installed to
prevent unauthorized entry into the area near the meter installation.
1.1.2 Portable Meters. To collect reliable data while performing an
electrical energy survey, the proper meter for the job must be obtained. The
following list of equipment parameters should be considered:
Maximum voltage rating.
Maximum load current (in amperes).
q Number
of simultaneous demand values to be recorded.
Power factor ranges.
Full-scale ranges.
Temperature working limits.
Input power requirements.
q Type
of meter enclosure.
Overload protection.
q Connecting the Meter.  The items listed below are supplemental to
manufacturers' instructions and are provided to assist in safer and more
accurate meter operation.
Make only one connection at a time.
Work on only one conductor or
point at a time.


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