Quantcast Inspection Reports -Cont.

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Type of material (poles, piles, lumber, etc.) Number of pieces by size
Degree of seasoning
Manufacturing (incised, unincised, rough surfaces, etc.) Number of
cubic feet
Process used in treatment
Steam conditioning
Time required to reach maximum temperature
Time steamed at maximum temperature
Maximum temperature
Total absorption of preservative
Initial air pressure
Initial air period
Pressure period
Maximum temperature
Average temperature
Final vacuum period
Time & temperature of final steam bath (if any)
Time & temperature of expansion bath (if any)
Working tank readings with temperature
Injection under pressure
Final retention
Total time of treatment
Number of borings taken
Percent conforming
Most important to the inspector for determining treatment
The important items will be discussed in the following KEY Steps and in
the product tables of Appendix C.
Items without inspection report .... REJECT
Items with inspection report .... Proceed to Step 5


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