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Receive and open bids.
Prepare and issue Invitation for Bids.
Evaluate bids.
Award contract.
Process payments.
Negotiate change orders.
Evaluate contractor performance.
c.  Staffing.  The staffing requirements for a PWD Facility Support
Contract Division should include an engineer or technical specification
writer, fiscal accountant, procurement clerk, inspectors, and typing
capability.  The number of personnel required is dependent on the dollar
volume of contracts, complexity, as well as on the number of contracts
handled.  An individual staffing analysis and quality assurance plan are
required to determine personnel levels; however, a general guideline is one
person per $400,000 - $500,000 of contracts for medium to large contracting
The current guideline is 2 percent of the contract price to a
maximum of 10 percent when justified.
14.  CONTRACT FUNDING.  Facility Support Contracts are funded by the
organization having budgeting responsibility for the services contracted.
Facility Support Contracts are generally entered into for one year performance
with an option to extend for two additional one-year periods.  With very few
exceptions, Public law permits the contract to commence at anytime in the
fiscal year, and be fully funded out of funds from the fiscal year of award,
providing work commences on the contract in that year.
15.  CHECKLIST.  Before the decision to contract is made, the following items
should be considered:
a.  Have the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Circular A-76, pertinent Navy regulations and current Congressional
requirements been considered?
b.  Has the difference between governmental functions and other functions
been determined?  Is the function critical to national defense and, therefore,
not subject to OMB Circular A-76?
C.  Is i t more economical to contract? Has a commercial activity
analysis been prepared?
d.  If more economical in-house, but in-house personnel are not
available, has an attempt been made to obtain ceiling adjustments?
Have you considered impact on shops caused by contract effort?
Are you organized to handle the contracting effort?
g.  Have you made provisions for increasing staffing levels for the
contract inspection, Facility Support Contract Manager (FSCM) functions, etc.
to keep pace with contract growth?
h.  Have you developed contract technical provisions that are clear and
enforceable?  Have standard Performance Work Statements been used?


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