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Public works planning, estimating, scheduling, and inspection.
Public works engineering.
Administration of family housing.
Public works direction and general administration.
Public works maintenance shop overhead.
Public works service shop overhead.
Utilities shop overhead.
11.  TRANSPORTATION DIVISION WORK.  All Maintenance Division work performed on
transportation equipment will be charged against the specific type of
equipment, and reported as soon as the work is completed.  The following
procedures will be used when the Maintenance Division accomplishes work for
the Transportation Division.
a.  Service Work.  When transportation equipment work requires less than
16 labor hours, a Shop Repair Order (SRO) will be submitted to the Work
Reception Clerk.  The clerk will prepare an Emergency/Service Work
Authorization, attach the SRO, and forward both to the proper work center.
Upon completion of the work, the work center supervisor will enter the labor
hours, and quantity of material used on the reverse side of the SRO and
forward it to the shop planner.  The shop planner will indicate the cost of
labor and material and forward the SRO to the Transportation Division. The
Emergency/Service Work Authorization will be processed as though it had no
reference to transportation support.
b.  Specific Job Orders.  When Specific Job Order work (such as
Transportation Division work requiring more than 16 labor hours) is involved,
SROs for each piece of equipment will be submitted to the FME Division. When
programming the work on the work input control charts, the FME Division
Director should bear in mind that equipment downtime is expensive and is
unfavorably reflected in transportation management reports. The FME Division
and the Director, Transportation  Division, should maintain a good working
relationship to enable quick response to transportation needs without
disrupting other maintenance work.  Upon completion of work on each Specific
Job Order, the SRO for the piece of equipment will be processed as outlined
under Service Work.  Upon completion of the Specific Job Order, it will be
processed as indicated in Procedure Chart No. 9.
c.  Reporting Labor Distribution Time.  Labor costs for work performed on
an Emergency/Service Work Authorization will be charged against the
transportation standing job order number that appears on the SRO, and against
Labor Class Code 01.  Labor costs for Specific Job Orders will be charged, as
usual, against the Specific Job Order number issued by Maintenance Control
Division and on Labor Class Code 07.  At activities where shop control numbers
are assigned to Specific Job Orders for control purposes, the Transportation
Division Standing Job Order Number appearing on the SRO will be used. At
activities where shop control numbers are not used for control purposes, a
Specific Job Order number will be assigned from a block which has previously
been set aside for transportation equipment, and furnished to the Comptroller
or Fiscal Division as appropriate.
12.  SUPPLEMENTS TO AUTHORIZED WORK.  A supplementary job order is issued for
any portion of the work under a basic job order that is to be initially


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