Quantcast Inspection Frequencies And Standard Hours

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and input of revisions into the system.
8.3.2 Inspection Frequencies And Standard Hours. CI and PMI require dif-
ferent methods of putting in inspection frequencies and standard hours. CI Frequencies and Standard Hours. Frequencies and hours
are entered directly into the CI sub-module. Type inspection, frequency, and standard
hours are entered for each facility. Each inspection-can then be scheduled. After the
final schedule is approved, the system generates inspection work orders. Upon comple-
tion, actual labor hours expended can be matched to the schedule for performance
reports and unaccomplished inspections. PMI Frequencies and Standard Hours. Frequencies and hours
are estimated in the FEJE Module. A job order for a particular type of equipment is
written, one phase per frequency. Appropriate checkpoints and pertinent equipment
are attached. The job order is then sent from FEJE to SFI, ready for each phase to be
8.3.3 Scheduling. The SFI module allows the user to decide which week of the
fiscal year each inspection should take place and when the phases should be scheduled.
In this manner total hours per quarter, month, or week can be obtained. This report
helps the scheduler develop the Work Plan Summary for the Shop Load Plan in the
WIC module.
8.3.4 Management Reports On Facility/Equipment Condition. The System can
be queried at any time and management reports generated. This flexibility provides an
effective tool to the PW manager to ascer-
tain the current condition of any facility or
piece of equipment. Overall, this leads to
better work scheduling, project selection,
and maintenance. A detailed description of
management reports and indicators can be
found in the BEST "Management Guide."


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