Quantcast Air handlers

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Air conditioning-Continued
Insulation damage and type
Diffuser operation
Return air grills operation and condition
Compressors - Check for
Excessive noise
Oil on deck
Leaks at connections to compressors
Pumps - Check for
Leaking at packing glands
Excessive noise
Leaking at connections
Electric and pneumatic controls - check for proper operation
Check water treatment chemicals and system
Water cooling towers, casings, baffles, fans and tower water
distribution system including piping and insulation, sump heaters
(steam and electric) - check condition and operation
Absorption chillers (centrifugal and reciprocating) - check for
proper operation and condition
Expansion tanks - check for condition and proper operation
Vacuum pumps - check for condition and proper operation
6.2.2 Air handlers:
Check for:
Condition and operation of
Fan motors
Squirrel cages
Fan belts
Condition of flexible connection between duct and air handler
Proper lubrication
6.2.3 Boilers: Comply with all applicable safety precautions. This procedure
does not include all requirements and specifications to perform this inspection. Refer
to NAVFAC MO-324, Inspection and Certification of Boilers and Unfired Pressure


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