Quantcast Figure 5-2 Typical Glazing Assembly (Loosened for Clarity)

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Small splinters and sharp edges are mixed in with the safer
"crumbs" of broken tempered glass. Always use gloves and eye
protection when removing broken glazing and installing new glazing.
Be careful not to come in direct contact with hot system components.
If the textured, rougher side of the new glazing is dirty, clean it. Any window
cleaning product can be used, but a vinegar/water solution works just as well (10%
vinegar, 90% water.) Dry carefully and avoid streaking.
If a gasket was used, remove it from the collector. Notice which way the gasket was
installed on the collector.
bottom of the gasket, mark the side which faced the outside.
If a new gasket is available, discard the old one. If the old one is to be reused,
remove any glass still in the gasket. Check the gasket for UV radiation damage and
other defects.
If there is no "right-side up," put the older-looking side on the textured, inner side of
the glass. If there is a "right-side up," put that side on the smooth outer side of the
glass. (Figure 5-2)
Typical Glazing
(Loosened for


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