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Heat  Resistant.  A material that does not give off noxious fumes
at its operating temperature or at any temperature below 200
degrees Fahrenheit and which is not degraded with respect to
performing its intended function when exposed to a temperature
of 400 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes.
Homogeneous Lot.  A group of items that have common heat, batch,
or vendor trace-ability number as well as size and description,
from the same source, received in the same shipment or under the
(Pipe fittings that do not bear a heat
same contract number.
number must be in a single shipment under one contract.)
Hyperbaric Facility.
A complex,  for operation at pressures
above atmospheric, in which the magnitude and rate of change of
the pressure and the composition and temperature of the confined
atmosphere and/or water can be accurately controlled.
Any  item  containing  a  noncompensated
compressible volume which has the potential for failure under
external pressure.
Incomplete Penetration.  Lack of penetration of the weld through
the thickness of the joint, or penetration which is less than
performed  during  the
manufacturing or repair cycle in an effort to prevent defects
from occurring and to inspect the characteristics and attributes
that are not capable of being inspected at the final inspection.
Components welded into the pressure envelope or other
area by some type of butt joint and which may be the same or of
greater  thickness  than  the  surrounding  structure.  Inserts
reinforce the structure at openings or areas of high stress.
Record  data  showing  the  results  of  an
Inspection  Record.
inspection  with  appropriate  identifying  information  on  the
characteristics inspected and item inspected.
Inspector.  Government personnel qualified as required by this
manual  to  accept  or  reject  materials  or  workmanship  from
specified test results.
The commonality between plans, machinery
components,  record;, etc., required by specifications.
Any system whose catastrophic failure
Life Critical System.
could  jeopardize  the  lives  of  the
while  under  pressure


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