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This guide has been prepared by the Engineering Field Activity Chesapeake (EFA CHES), Naval Facilities
Engineering Command (NAVFAC) in order to guide architects and engineers performing professional services
under contract to EFA CHES and to obtain uniformity and coherence in the presentation of the design
This guide defines the standards of design, along with the detailed requirements, format and the procedures for
preparing and submitting project drawings, specifications, cost estimates and other related documents comprising
a construction contract package.
Definitions, Abbreviations and Organization
1.3.1 Definitions & Abbreviations
Activity, Station: A military unit, organization, or installation performing a military function. It may also refer
to other non-DOD agencies.
Architect/Engineer (A/E): The architectural and/or engineering firm contracted by EFA CHES. The contract
will be referred to as the "A/E contract".
A/E #1: The architectural and/or engineering firm contracted by EFA CHES in a Design/Build/Bridging project
who does the initial designing and prepares the contract documents for a Design/Build/Bridging construction
A/E #2: The architectural and/or engineering firm employed by the construction contractor in a
Design/Build/Bridging project who will complete the design documents and be the A/E of Record.
Architect-In-Charge (AIC), Engineer-In-Charge (EIC): The designated representative of EFA CHES's
Commanding Officer, who manages the A/E contract after award and is the government's project administrator.
Sometimes referred to as the Navy Technical Representative (NTR).
Construction Criteria Base (CCB): An electronic database on CD ROM, of military and other federal
construction agencies' guide specifications, technical manuals, standards, cost estimating systems and other
information. It is produced by the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS). The CCB is the source for
SPECSINTACT, NAVFAC's specification writing system software; Success, NAVFAC's estimating and cost
management system software and EFA CHES's Design Review Comments (DRC) program software.
Contract Options -
Construction Option: The Contractor's choice of material, design, or method, which exists whenever
the project specifications permit. An option does not change the scope of work. The right to select an
option rests with the Contractor. The project specifications shall not require bidders to

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