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Responsibilities of the A/E
The A/E shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy and coordination of the project
design, including the project drawings and specifications, and other services furnished under the A/E contract.
The A/E shall, without additional compensation, correct or revise errors or deficiencies in the project design,
including the project drawings and specifications, and other services furnished under the A/E contract.
The Government's review, approval, acceptance of, or payment for any of the services required under the A/E
contract, shall not be construed as a waiver of any rights under the A/E contract or of any cause of action arising
out of the performance of the A/E contract. The A/E shall be, and remain liable to the Government, in
accordance with applicable law, for damages to the Government caused by the A/E's negligent performance of
any of the services furnished under the A/E contract.
NAVFAC policy requires A/E's to follow applicable NAVFAC, DOD, and other criteria where appropriate.
However, where a specific criteria provision is not applicable or ill suited to the problem at hand, the A/E shall
use professional judgment in applying the criteria or in revising the requirement to suit the project. Conformance
to Navy criteria does not release the A/E from responsibility for professional quality and judgement.
Errors and Negligent Performance
Design errors or omissions, which result in damages or extra cost to the Government, will be evaluated for
potential A/E financial liability. If the Government determines that the A/E is financially liable for a design
deficiency, the A/E will be so advised by official correspondence. EFA CHES, actively pursues reimbursement
of costs incurred by the Government as a result of the A/E's errors and/or negligent performance.
The preferred method of settlement of A/E financial liability is for the A/E to negotiate directly with the
Contractor. Where the A/E cannot reach an agreement with the Construction Contractor or if the A/E declines
to negotiate, EFA CHES will arrange settlement directly with the Contractor and will bill the A/E.
All correspondence shall be provided in duplicate and addressed to the Commanding Officer, Engineering Field
Activity Chesapeake; 901 M Street SE; Building 2l2, Washington Navy Yard; Washington, DC 20374-5018,
attention of the code of the project AIC/EIC, e.g., Code 401 (Architectural), Code 403 (Mechanical). The
project title and contract number and, if applicable, the Work Order number assigned to the A/E contract shall be
used on all reports and correspondence relative to the A/E contract.
Correspondence regarding invoicing shall be mailed to the above address and marked for the attention of Code
Reports of all conference and telephone instructions shall be prepared and provided in duplicate to the AIC/EIC
within five (5) days from the date of such conference or telephone instructions. Two (2) copies of these reports
and instructions shall be forwarded to the Activity POC by the A/E.

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