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Construction Contract and Project Specifications Numbers
The construction contract number and the project specification number are provided in the statement of
architect/engineer services (scope of work). The construction contract number and specifications number shall
appear on each sheet of the project drawings; the project title and specification number shall appear on each
sheet of the project specifications.
Quality of Work
Work shall be prepared in accordance with current criteria established by DOD and NAVFAC and shall be in
accordance with the best engineering practices. Submittal documents and reports shall be reviewed by the A/E
before being submitted. The A/E shall coordinate the design of all disciplines and shall perform a quality review
to ensure that the project is buildable and that no conflicts exist between the project drawings and the project
specifications. Qualified persons other than those preparing the documents shall make reviews.
The A/E's work will be reviewed by the various departments and divisions of EFA CHES to ensure compliance
with the project scope, program and applicable Government requirements and criteria. While technical
comments may be provided by the Government, the technical accuracy of the project and the coordination
between disciplines is solely the responsibility of the A/E.
Changes In Scope
The A/E is reminded that A/E contract responsibility is directly to EFA CHES and at no time shall changes in the
scope be made at the direction of an Activity or Customer. During the progress of the work, the A/E may expect
minor changes in design criteria and shall make necessary adjustments in the design accordingly. Where changes
to the scope of work are required, the A/E will be authorized in writing, and the Contracting Officer will make
appropriate modifications to the A/E contract.
The A/E shall be responsible for the best engineering solution which provides a complete and usable facility
within the "Design-To Cost" and/or any statutory square footage or square meter and cost limitations as set forth
in the authorizing 1391 Plus. The A/E shall immediately notify the AIC/EIC, in writing, if established cost
limitations appear to be inadequate to accomplish the project scope.
1.10 Use of Success, SPECSINTACT and DRC
Success, SPECSINTACT and DRC are on the CCB disk. SPECSINTACT is mandatory for all projects;
Success is the required cost-estimating program to be used on all projects. However, in extreme cases and with
prior approval from Code 04A7 other programs that use the "work breakdown structure" can be used. Design
Review Comments (DRC) program is mandatory for all projects.
1.11 Evaluation of A/E Performance
Upon completion of the design phase, the AIC/EIC will prepare an evaluation of the A/E's performance.
Another evaluation, judging the A/E's design and performance during construction, will be prepared by the
ROICC. Copies of outstanding and/or unsatisfactory evaluations will be automatically sent to the A/E.

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