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It is NAVFAC policy to retain qualified professionals and to accomplish designs according to NAVFAC criteria
within scope, fiscal and legal constraints.
Quality of Architectural/Engineering Design
Excellence in architectural/engineering design is a prime goal of the Government. Accordingly, quality
architectural design that is functional, environmental and energy conscious and compatible with existing elements
is required for all projects. Good architectural design is proportional to professional design effort, not to project
cost. Applied or cosmetic architectural design is not cost effective and is unacceptable.
At a minimum, quality of engineering design must provide appropriate facilities at the lowest practical
construction cost, with due consideration for economy in maintenance and operation. The construction materials
must be of a quality that is consistent with the intended use of the facility and reflect local availability and
construction skills. New materials and methods should be considered, but only if they provide an economic or
functional advantage.
Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Program
In an effort to reduce construction change orders due to design errors and omissions, the Navy has initiated a
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program. The A/E shall develop, execute and demonstrate that the project
drawings and specifications have gone through a rigorous review and coordination effort. The requirements are
as follows:
With the Fee Proposal: The A/E shall provide an outline of the quality control program that will
be used during the design process, along with its associated fee.
2 Weeks after the NTP (Contract Award): The A/E shall submit a detailed QA/QC Plan,
describing each step that will be taken during the development of the various phases of design.
Each step should have an appropriate space where a senior member of the firm can initial and date
when the action has been completed.
With the 100% Submittal: The A/E shall submit the completed QA/QC Plan, along with the latest
marked-up documents (drawings, specifications, etc.) necessary to ensure that a thorough review
and coordination have been completed.
Field Investigation and Site Visits
The A/E shall visit the project site only after making arrangements with the AIC/EIC, who will make an
appointment with the Activity's Public Works Officer (PWO)/Staff Civil Engineer or his representative.
Upon the request of the A/E, all available information pertaining to existing conditions will be made available.
The A/E will be responsible for going through the station's drawing files and pulling drawings pertaining to
existing conditions. It is the responsibility of the A/E to evaluate and verify this information. Site investigations
made by the A/E shall identify all special conditions and dimensions that might affect

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