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and/or be affected by the proposed work. Whether for a new project or a renovation, all field investigation shall
be thorough and detailed to ensure accurate representation of existing conditions. The A/E shall NOT rely solely
on existing information, such as utility or record drawings, for the new design, but shall verify all critical existing
Poor or inadequate field investigation and site visits result in unsatisfactory design and extended costs and time
for construction.
The A/E, as part of the site investigation, shall investigate and identify potential hazardous materials as discussed
in Section 3.23.
Provision for the Handicapped
All facilities which are open to the public, to limited segments of the public, visited by the public in the conduct
of normal business, or those which hire or have the capacity to hire civilian personnel, shall be designed and
constructed to be accessible to the handicapped.
Every facility shall be designed to ensure access to the handicapped unless its intended use is specifically
restricted to able-bodied military personnel. Examples of such restricted facilities are bachelor officer quarters
(BOQs), bachelor enlisted quarters (BEQs), certain dining facilities (closed messes), or vehicle and aircraft
maintenance facilities where all work is performed by able-bodied military personnel.
The DOD directive of December 15, 1993 requires the application of the more stringent of either the Americans
with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) or the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).
For purposes of determining the stricter standard the A/E shall use the above criteria EXCEPT, The A/E shall
not use any "exemptions from application of the standards" stated in ADAAG.
The A/E can find the complete ADAAG and UFAS on CCB.
Landscape Design
When a project requires landscaping, separate drawings shall be prepared. The following information shall be
provided in the project drawings and project specifications:
Location of plant material
Extent of material
Plant and planting details
Plant material list, including quantity and sizes
Provisions for protection of new and existing plants during construction
Maintenance of plants during construction; i.e. watering
Month(s) of the year when planting can occur.

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