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The CCB system also includes many programs:
FULL TEXT SEARCH AND RETRIEVAL. It is possible to search any CCB database
for any word, or group of words, in about 5 seconds. The user can then see the full text
on the computer screen, copy the documents or print them.
GRAPHIC CAPABILITIES. All graphics, which are contained in the NAVFAC Guide
Specifications or documents incorporated in CCB, can be called up to the screen for
viewing. CCB contains CADD files that can be copied from CDROM and used in
drawing preparation. They are in AUTO CAD "DWG", AUTO CAD "DXF" or
Intergraph "CELL" format.
SPECSINTACT. A proprietary program developed by NASA, SPECSINTACT is a
unique, highly productive specification processing system.
10,000 individually priced items in each of seven regional databases. Users have the
capability to apply markup to any of the specification sections for prime and up to fifteen
subcontractors, and can modify material, labor and equipment unit prices.
Design Review Comments (DRC). A computer-based program for the
input and management of and response to design review comments.
Basis of Design Report
To ensure that projects are developed in conformance with established NAVFAC criteria and requirements of the
Activity and that they are within authorized scope and funds, a Basis of Design Report shall be submitted at the
35% submission of each project or as required by the Submittal Requirements list. The Basis of Design Report
shall describe all aspects of the project by analytical methods of evaluation for selecting building systems. A
detailed narrative report shall be submitted to justify each system selected, (e.g., building orientation and siting,
construction systems, materials of construction, fenestration, foundation, framing, electrical, mechanical, etc).
The report shall list all major design criteria (e.g., Design Manuals, Military Handbooks, etc.) used and shall
present justification for any proposed departure from the criteria. A recommended outline of the Basis of Design
Report is detailed in Appendix II.
2.10 Construction Quality Control (QC)
Quality Control is a system whereby the Construction Contractor provides significant and specific inspection,
testing, and documentation to satisfy both the Contractor and the Navy that the work being performed meets the
requirements of the project drawings and specifications.
Quality Control requires particular care and attention by the A/E in the formulation of the construction contract
documents. The general concepts and requirements for Quality Control are contained in NFGS-01450, "Quality
Control". The A/E shall arrange, through the AIC/EIC, to meet with EFA CHES's

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