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NAVFAC guide specifications (in some instances EFA CHES regional guide
specifications shall be used in lieu of NAVFAC-wide guide specifications)
MIL-HDBK-1006/1, "Policy and Procedures for Project Drawing and Specification
As applicable to each project (review with AIC/EIC):
Appropriate DOD and NAVFAC design publications
Appropriate NAVFAC P-Publications
Military-Handbooks, Manuals, publications, instructions, industry documents and other
criteria noted in the statements of specific requirements in this guide
Other criteria as required by the scope of work.
As applicable to Air Force projects (review with AIC/EIC):
All Air Force Regulations, Engineering Technical Letters, Pamphlets, and Manuals must be
incorporated into all Air Force jobs. This criteria is available on CCB.
2.8.2 Criteria Resources
In cooperation with the Department of Defense, the National Institute for Building Sciences (NIBS) has
developed the Construction Criteria Base (CCB), an electronic database of military and other federal
construction agencies' guide specifications, technical manuals, standards, cost estimating systems and other
information. CCB is available free for A/E's under contract to the Navy for design services.
Data Bases:
CCB contains all NAVFAC Guide Specifications, including regional versions, and all NAVFAC
design publications (Military Handbooks and Design Manuals). In addition, guide specifications
of the Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, VA, DOE and other agencies are included, as are lists of
referenced standards and a matrix of guide specifications. Optionally available are selected
reference standards from over 70 standards writing organizations.
Subscriptions for CCB are available free of charge to A/E contractors doing design work for
EFACHES. To obtain the free subscription, A/E's should submit a request, including the first
page of their design contract, to:
National Institute of Building Sciences
1090 Vermont Avenue NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005-4905

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