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Custom Search Procedures
The A/E shall conduct interviews and site investigations in order to determine
the needs of the User, and the existing conditions and facts. The A/E is encouraged to use a
systematic approach of organized on-site work sessions in order to conduct interviews, collect
data and verify information. Coordinating with the AIC/EIC and the Activity, all necessary User
groups, base personnel and approving authorities should be part of the work sessions.
The A/E shall finalize the Draft Concept and present to the Government a presentation of the
Draft Concept design with drawings mounted on foam core boards.
If the submission is determined to be inadequate, it will be returned for resubmission.
3.2.2 Final Concept Submission Objective
To provide a schematic project design from which the Government can determine adequacy of design, the
functional arrangements, project costs and adherence to criteria. Contents
If not done in the Draft Concept Submission, the A/E shall provide programming results.
A vicinity plan, showing existing and new topography, utilities, access roads, extent of parking
and site circulation, as well as relationships to other buildings
Floor plans at appropriate scale, showing all walls, openings, rooms and built-in features
A design analysis, outlining options considered in each discipline and reasons why the system or
design presented was chosen
Discussion of the proposed approach to satisfy design requirements for all building systems
Building sections and typical wall sections, showing floor-to-floor heights
Elevations, showing fenestration and exterior building materials

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