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Drawings showing locations of the mechanical equipment rooms, shafts, and outside air, exhaust
air, and relief air louvers. Also show the block outline layout of the major mechanical equipment,
such as, chillers, boilers, air handling units, and incoming utilities, if any.
Floor plans and other drawings need to show location and extent of hazardous materials, such as
asbestos, lead, PCB, Mercury, and other materials classified by EPA or OSHA as hazardous (such
as fluorescent lamps or bird droppings.) For buildings built before 1980 do not test for or indicate
on drawings the extent of lead paint; include a statement on drawings and in specifications that all
painted surfaces are assumed to contain lead.
Space tabulation of net square footage or square meters, by room, and total gross square footage
or square meters.
Cost estimate based on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Lump sums will not be acceptable.
A design contingency should be used to account for the preliminary nature of the design. Procedures
The Concept Submission shall be submitted to EFA CHES for review prior to presenting it to the
The A/E shall prepare and present to the Government a presentation of the final concept design,
with drawings mounted on foam core board.
The A/E shall submit record copies of items as indicated in the "Contract Submission
Requirements List".
If the submission is determined to be inadequate, it will be returned for resubmission.
Parametric Cost Estimating (PCE) Submission
A submission of the revised 1391 Plus and all of its supporting material that has the final scope of the project
defined, cost verified and has been reviewed and approved by the Activity, Major Claimant, EFA CHES and
NAVFAC Headquarters.
3.3.1 Draft PCE Objective
To provide an accurate scope and cost estimate with supporting material ready for review and approval by the
Government. Contents
The A/E shall submit all the elements of the Parametric Cost Estimate as outlined in Appendix I.

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