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Custom Search Procedure
The A/E shall conduct interviews with various members of the MCON Project Team (MCON
PT). The team shall include the Major Claimant, Activity, User, A/E Contractor, EFA CHES,
and NAVFAC Headquarters. The A/E is encouraged to use a systematic approach of
organized, on-site work sessions in order to conduct interviews, collect data and verify
information. Coordination with the MCON PT and all necessary user groups, base personnel,
and approving authorities shall be part of the work sessions.
The A/E and his engineers shall conduct site investigation in order to verify existing conditions
and the adequacy of existing utilities, the need for demolition, and removal of hazardous material.
The cost estimate shall be based on Primary Facility square meter/square foot cost per DOD
Guidance Unit Cost (GUC) and input from the EFA cost estimator, Code 04A7.
The A/E shall present the Draft PCE to the MCON PT.
The A/E shall conduct an "on-board" meeting with the MCON PT to finalize all comments.
3.3.2. Final PCE Objective
To provide an updated 1391 Plus with a cost estimate that is derived through parametrics and is based on
thorough site investigations, engineering and interviews. Contents
The A/E shall submit all the elements of the Parametric Cost Estimate as outlined in Appendix I. It shall be
thoroughly reviewed, coordinated and approved by the MCON PT.
Design Development (35%) Submission
A submission of the A/E's project documents and supportive design calculations which clearly show the project
design, the A/E's knowledge and use of NAVFAC criteria, formats and conventions, as well as adherence to the
project scope and previously approved submissions.
3.4.1 Objective
To provide the Government with project drawings, calculations, cost estimate, and outline specifications in
sufficient detail to evaluate the design, its adherence to systems selection criteria and the A/E's ability to interpret
the criteria and prepare biddable documents.
3.4.2 Contents
Project drawings, developed to contain the requirements listed in MIL-HDBK-1006/1A,
Appendix A, "Example of 35-Percent Facility Design Requirements", as well as floor plans
showing layout of major equipment and systems a single line layout of ducting and piping, with all
drawings printed at half size. The mechanical drawings shall also show the development of the

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