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1. The HVAC drawings shall include the riser diagrams for all air and water systems including
but not limited to chilled water, heating hot water, steam, supply air, return air, exhaust air,
and any other system for which a riser diagram would be an appropriate graphic presentation.
2. Plumbing drawings shall show riser diagrams for domestic hot and cold water, storm, and
sanitary waste and vent piping, and other special plumbing systems, such as, gas piping,
compressed air, medical gases, etc.
3. The mechanical equipment rooms shall be at a minimum of " scale or twice larger than the
corresponding floor plans. The mechanical room plan layout shall be substantiated by at least
two cross- sections taken at right angles to each other.
4. Separate floor plan drawings shall be provided for the air distribution ductwork and piping
layouts when the extent of the ductwork and piping is generally identical.
3.4.3 Procedures
The A/E shall deliver to the AIC/EIC the documents indicated in the "Contract Submission
Requirements List".
The basis of design report, outline specifications, preliminary cost estimate and preliminary
calculations, shall be submitted in spiral bound format.
The DRC Program shall be used for all review comments and responses.
If the submission is determined to be inadequate, it will be returned for resubmission.
Progress (60%) Submission
A submission of project documents and supportive material, which clearly show the development of the project
to the 60% stage.
3.5.1 Objective
To provide the Government with project drawings, cost estimate and project specifications sufficient to evaluate
the A/E's adherence to detail and systems design criteria and to ensure that comments made during previous
reviews were understood and incorporated.
3.5.2 Contents
Project drawings which are developed, in general, to the 60% stage but which have no individual
discipline less than 50 percent complete, with all drawings printed at half size. Submit one project
drawing from each discipline in electronic format in order to verify compliance with EFA CHES's
standard "Requirements for Computer Generated Submittals".
Project specifications, printed single-spaced, in draft form
Cost estimate using Success. Refer to Section 6, "Cost Estimates".

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