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Calculations for system component sizing/design
100% Stormwater Management and Erosion/Sediment Control reports when required.
3.5.3 Procedures
The A/E shall deliver to the AIC/EIC the documents indicated in the "Contract Submission
Requirements List".
The DRC Program will be used for all review comments. The A/E shall use the DRC Program
for responding to all review comments.
If the submission is determined to be inadequate, it will be returned for resubmission.
Contract Documents (100%) Submission
A submission of A/E's construction documents and supportive materials, which are biddable documents ready for
advertisement by the Government.
3.6.1 Objective
To provide the Government with construction documents which are technically complete, in the proper format,
biddable, adequate in design detail, constructible, coordinated between all disciplines and adhering to the project
3.6.2 Contents
Project drawings, 100 percent complete, with NAVFAC drawing numbers, and printed at
half-size. Submit one project drawing from each discipline in electronic format in order to verify
compliance with EFA CHES's standard "Requirements for Computer Generated Submittals".
When required and indicated in the project scope, the final Stormwater Management and
Erosion/Sediment Control submissions ready for forwarding to the State shall be submitted four
(4) weeks before the 100% submission.
Project specifications, 100 percent complete and printed single-spaced, single sided. Provide all
SPECSINTACT quality check reports
Cost estimate based on detailed quantity takeoffs and unit material and labor prices using Success.
Design contingencies are not to be used at this stage.
Calculations for corrected final system component sizing/design as applicable to all design
disciplines. The Mechanical calculations shall include updated heating and cooling load
calculations showing derivation of the total supply, return, relief makeup, and outside air volumes
including an allowance for the space pressurization. The calculations shall also include
psychrometric charts for all air handling units and processes, equipment selections (including
catalog cuts), pipe and duct sizing, static pressure and pump head calculations and other
calculations as required to support the 100% design drawings.

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