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3.13 Supplemental Interior Design
In addition to Interior Architectural Design referenced in Section 2.7, Supplemental Interior Design may be
required. Supplemental Interior Design may consist of one or two elements as listed below and outlined in
Appendix III.
Space Planning
As outlined in Appendix III, paragraph III.2.1.
Furniture Procurement Package
As outlined in Appendix III, paragraph III.2.2.
3.14 Model
A three dimensional representation of the project which provides the Government with a clear understanding of
the project, its massing and its relationship to existing structures, form and scale. The model shall be constructed
of a material that is suitable to withstand being relocated to various sites.
3.15 National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), Commission of Fine Arts (CFA),
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Presentations
Presentation material required to obtain the approval of the appropriate Commissions.
To procure project approval of the appropriate Commissions by clearly demonstrating the intent and quality of
the project.
One set of drawings mounted on presentation boards and rendered with appropriate color
(approx. 22 inches by 34 inches)
Project data report per Code 20 outline, obtained from the AIC/EIC.
A Summary statement of the project status with regard to the National Environmental Policy
Act (NEPA) available through Planning (Code 20E) and obtained from the AIC/EIC.
Six record copies of all materials for NCPC.
8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, black and white reductions of the record copy.
Photographs of the existing conditions. All photographs will be annotated on the reverse side to
provide a reference.

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