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Samples of building finishes, catalog cuts and other material samples needed for approval shall be
The A/E shall be responsible for making those modifications to the design and to the presentation material
requested by the Commissions and authorized by the Government.
3.16 Post Construction Award Services (PCAS)
A/E shall assist the Government with the administration of the construction contract. The A/E contract will be
modified to include the following A/E services:
Review and approval of shop drawings, material samples and manufacturer certifications
Consultation to the Government
Travel to the construction site.
3.17 Rendering
A professionally prepared color perspective rendering, a minimum of 30 inches wide in size. The height shall
be appropriate for the composition. The rendering shall have a matting of 4 inches and the entire frame shall be a
dimension of 30 inches by 40 inches. Sketches of the project shall be submitted for review, and for approval of
one. Should none of the sketches be acceptable, additional sketches shall be required.
The A/E shall submit the original rendering and three full-size copies; each shall be matted, covered with
plexiglass and mounted in simple aluminum frames, complete with hanging hardware. The frame shall be made
of a heavy gauge, so as not to deflect and shall have a vertical reinforcing wire attached to the top and bottom
frame members. Six 8-inch by 10-inch color photographs, four 35mm slides, and a digitized copy of the
rendering shall accompany the submission in a TIF file format, minimum 300dpi.
The mat of the rendering shall contain the following information across the bottom:
[Left Corner]
[Right Corner]
Prepared for
Engineering Field Activity Chesapeake
Title of Project
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Large Format Graphic
As part of the Rendering Submission, the A/E will provide to the AIC/EIC one "Large Format Graphic" (i.e. 3M
Scotchprint) with a gloss finish and adhesive backing. The maximum dimension will not exceed 24 inches in
height, but will be as close in size to a maximum of 36 inches in width. This rendering will be used on the
project's construction sign and therefore the durability must be such that it can withstand being exposed to the
elements for an extended period of time.

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