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The following information will be needed when ordering the Large Format Graphic:
Original Art:
Good Photo no larger then 8" x 10"
Reflective Art
Computer Generated Image or Art
(Mac/PC PostScript File, Tiff, EPS)
(Floppy, Syquest, Photo CD, Zip)
Information to Include:
Product you are requesting:
8640 3M Vinyl w/ 8910 3M Overlaminate
Output size
Cropping Instructions (if necessary)
Return of Art Instructions
Contact the AIC/EIC for possible sources, if needed.
3.18 Soil Borings and Soils Analysis
The A/E shall conduct a geotechnical exploration and test program for the subject project in accordance with
DM 7.01. In general, for a small building (less than 2,500 SF), a minimum of 2 soil borings is required. For
larger buildings (greater than 2,500 SF), a minimum of 3 soil borings is required. For large multistory buildings,
borings should be spaced at 75 feet on center in both directions. Borings shall extend 30 feet or more below the
lowest foundation element, depending on the proposed foundation type and the anticipated geology.
The soil report shall be submitted in the following format:
Executive summary of conclusions and recommendations
Description of site and proposed construction
Subsurface conditions and laboratory testing
Geotechnical engineering analysis
Soil boring logs
Test results with graphs
Location maps and site plans with soil boring locations, sufficiently detailed to adequately locate
borings on station utility plans.

Western Governors University

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