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The survey may be based on either a ground or aerial survey. If an aerial survey is chosen, the
accuracy of that survey should be suitable for its intended purpose or, if necessary, supplemented
with ground-acquired information.
The topographic survey and original survey notes and plots shall be delivered to the AIC/EIC
with the Final Submission, as indicated in the "Contract Submission Requirements List".
3.20 Value Engineering (VE)
General Requirements for Value Engineering Team Studies (VETS) under
A/E Contract
All VETS shall be conducted in accordance with the principles of functional analysis.
The VE Team facilitator or coordinator shall be a Certified Value Specialist and the participants
on the VE Team shall have successfully completed a 40-hour Module I Value Engineering
Training Workshop approved by the Society of American Value Engineers. When the Design
Team is actually the Value Engineering Team, the requirements for the Module I Workshop may
be waived by the EFA CHES Value Engineer.
As a rule, the VE Team shall include at the minimum the following disciplines: architecture,
structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. As appropriate, include additional
disciplines, such as interior designers, environmental engineers, and fire protection engineers.
Traditional VETS are conducted over a continuous five-day period. However, depending on the
scope and complexity of the project, the duration of the study may be as short as, but not shorter
than, two days.
The following persons shall be invited to participate in the VETS: User, ROICC, Public Works
Office, AIC/EIC, and the EFA CHES Value Engineer. Provide at least two weeks notice.
The AE/VE contractor shall arrange for appropriate space for the study. At least one session
shall be conducted near the proposed construction site to facilitate site visits by the team.
At the beginning of the study, the A/E design team shall provide a kick-off presentation describing
the current design solution, shall be available by telephone throughout the study, and shall
participate in the VE presentation and resolution meetings.
The VE team shall provide written documentation of the discussions, the results of the functional
analysis, the alternative concepts reviewed, and the cost implications thereof. The VE report shall
list the persons attending the VE sessions and document the VE qualifications of the team
Resolution Report: Within two weeks after conclusion of the VETS, the design team shall
prepare and distribute to all persons attending the study a preliminary resolution report containing
the A/E's recommendations for VE acceptance. Include in the report the cost estimating
summary sheet, and a listing and summary of final actions on each Value Engineering Study
Proposal (VESP): Line item description and potential savings; description and potential

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