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The A/E shall deliver all submissions to EFA CHES and not to the subject jurisdiction. The
A/E shall obtain from the project AIC/EIC an erosion/sediment control/stormwater management
handout containing up-to-date EFA CHES standards and procedures.
3.23 Hazardous Material Removal Report
The A/E shall be required to investigate and identify the extent of all hazardous materials on the project and
specify a Hazardous Material Abatement Plan.
Hazardous materials include, but are not limited to, the following list:
Animal and bird droppings (in attics, cupolas, eaves, gables, and unused spaces)
Asbestos (pipe and boiler insulation; thermal and sound insulation; floor tiles and adhesives; built-up
roofs, roofing shingles, felts and flashing; electrical cable wrapping; firestopping; gaskets; ceiling tiles and
adhesives; dust on ceiling tiles)
Batteries (lead acid, lithium)
Lead (paint, cable covering, flashing, piping, soldering)
Misc. Chemicals contained in soil, tanks, fume hoods, ductwork, pipes, sumps, traps, paints, and film
Nuclear materials (medical equipment, luminous exit lights)
ODS, Freon, Halon, Fire suppressants (air conditioning refrigerants, refrigerators, and freezers, spray
Paints (brushes, rollers, trays, rags, cans)
Petroleum (In; soil, tanks, pipes, traps and sumps)
PCB's (on concrete slabs, in soil, lighting ballasts, and transformers)
Used Abrasives (sand blasting debris, paint removal, masonry restoration and cleaning)
Mercury (thermostats, switches, and light bulbs)
Petroleum, Heavy Metals in Soil (if required) and Chemicals
The A/E will be responsible for securing samples of any suspicious materials and for having the samples tested by
a qualified testing laboratory. Samples may be required on suspect building materials, architectural finishes,
equipment, piping, debris and dust. Sampling shall be done in accordance with EPA, State and local
requirements, and performed by accredited personnel.

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