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The A/E contractor shall submit to the AIC/EIC a report containing the number of samples taken, the location of
the samples taken, and the results of the testing for each sample.
A summary containing the locations, types and quantities shall be included in the construction documents.
Lead Based Paint
General Policy
All painted surfaces in facilities built prior to 1980 are assumed to contain lead. Therefore, it is not
necessary to test for lead based paint during design. However, the construction contractor is required to conduct
TCLP tests on representative composite samples of debris. Facilities built after 1980 are unlikely to contain lead
based paint and no provisions regarding lead paint should be included in the contract documents.
For further answers to questions about the above policy or its implementation please contact Code 04A6,
through the AIC/EIC.
Buildings Built Before 1980
If removal of paint is required, in order to refinish doors or windows in historic buildings or to
comply with a risk assessment report in family related buildings, or where flaking paint needs to
be removed prior to repainting, include section 13283, "Removal and Disposal of Lead
Containing Paint" and use the EFACHES regional guide specification NFGS-C-02220, "Site
Demolition." Indicate on the drawings the location and extent of deterioration of surfaces coated
with lead based paint.
If removal of paint is not required, or if the facility is to be demolished, do not include section
13283, but use the EFACHES Regional Guide Specification NFGS-C-02220, "Site Demolition"
in the project specification. If Section 13283 is not used, discuss with the AIC/EIC the need to
add a summary statement in Section 01575, "Environmental Controls".
Where a Risk Assessment report on family related buildings requires the removal of soil, include
an edited version of NFGS-13282, "Removal and Disposal of Materials Containing Lead" and
indicate location, extent, and concentration of lead in soil on the drawings.
3.24 Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings
Executive Order 12941, "Seismic Safety of Existing Federally Owned and Leased Buildings", adopted minimum
standards of seismic safety for use by Federal departments and agencies in assessing the seismic safety of their
owned and leased buildings and in mitigating unacceptable seismic risks in those buildings. Executive Order
12941 specifies when mandatory seismic safety evaluations of existing buildings are required and mitigation of
unacceptable seismic risk is needed.
To provide a structural evaluation of existing buildings as required by law to reduce the life-safety risk to
occupants of Federal buildings and to the general public. The minimum performance objective deemed
appropriate for Federal buildings in the long-term is Substantial Life-Safety. Substantial Life-Safety is defined as
that performance objective where an earthquake may cause significant building damage that may

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