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4.6.2 Fire Alarm System Design
It is EFA CHES policy that fire alarm systems be incorporated into a construction contract by performance
specification only. Accordingly, smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, and audio/visual
appliances will not be shown on project drawings to indicate actual locations, but can be shown in areas to be
provided with that type of device. A note shall be provided stating that the devices are shown for the intent of
protection, while the required quantity and location is the responsibility of the contractor. The fire alarm control
panel, remote annunciators, etc., locations must be shown on the drawings.
Soil Boring Logs
Soil boring logs showing the soil conditions shall be indicated on the drawings, together with a reference to the
source of information, i.e., title and date of the soils report and the name of the soil testing firm. The plan
locations of the soil borings shall be shown on appropriate size scale drawings, preferably on the finish grading
plans, so that relationships to existing and finish grades can be readily ascertained. When logs are not drawn on
the same sheet as the large-scale location plans or when features of a large project, such as a sewage project, are
widely separated and the number of logs exceeds five, a separate small-scale location plan shall accompany the
logs. Logs shall be drawn to an appropriate engineering scale to show the depth of the boring below ground,
with the corresponding elevation of the existing ground, related to project data, indicated at the top of the
Quality Assurance
Project drawings shall be final and complete, with all elements thoroughly checked and coordinated with each
other, the project specifications and the various engineering studies. It is essential that the project drawings are
accurate and explicit and that they provide an equitable basis for bids. All elements of the work shall be properly
coordinated to ensure that there are no conflicts between or among the various disciplines or between the
drawings and specs. Particular emphasis shall be placed on this coordination when certain elements of the
design are subcontracted by the A/E. The project drawings shall be checked for conformance with all applicable
criteria, adequate design, and accuracy of details and dimensions. Text shall be checked for spelling, punctuation
and grammar. Sheets shall be crosschecked against each other for similarity of dimensions and details.
The project specifications shall be reviewed immediately prior to the submittal of the project drawings and
specifications to ensure that all changes on the project drawings have been reflected in the project specifications.
The A/E shall ensure that conflicts do not exist between drawings and specifications.
Revisions to Project Drawings
A revision is a change on the project drawings after the project has been released for advertisement but prior to
the completion of the A/E contract. Revisions to project drawings are usually done as part of an amendment or a
construction change order. Revisions to the drawings shall not be made without prior approval of the AIC/EIC.
Revisions shall be made by crossing out, by adding new or revised information on the signed reproducible, or by
redrawing. Erasures shall not be made to the drawings.
A revision symbol (a letter and number within a triangle) shall be used to identify a revision on the project
drawing. In addition, revisions shall be logged in the revision block in the upper right-hand corner of the
project drawing by placing a letter in the symbol portion of the block, followed by the item description, the

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