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date of the revision, and the initials of the approving Government official. A corresponding revision symbol
shall be placed near the affected area on the project drawing. Revision "A" shall indicate the first revision to a
drawing; Revision "B", the second, etc. The letters O, X, and I shall not be used. A single revision change may
include several different items. Each item shall be identified with the same revision letter and shall include a
number to distinguish it from other items within the revision, e.g., A1, A2, etc. The appropriate number or
group of numbers shall precede each item description in the description column of the revision block. The
revised area on the project drawing shall be encircled with a bold cloud to make the revised area conspicuous. If
the revision is made to a signed reproducible, the cloud shall be applied to the back of the drawing with a soft
black pencil. The revision symbol shall be located as near as possible to the notes, lines, views or dimensions that
have been changed to keep the number of symbols to a minimum. To prevent overcrowding, where there are
many changes in one area of a drawing, a single revision symbol may be used to identify the change if sufficient
data are included in the revision block. If the revision accompanies an amendment or change order request, the
amendment or change order number shall be indicated in the revision block along with a description of the
change. New project drawings accompanying an amendment or a change order request shall include the
following statement in the revision block: "This drawing accompanies amendment number  ." or "This drawing
accompanies Change Order number
4.10 Signatures on Project Drawings
Each project drawing shall bear the surname of all individuals directly involved in its preparation. The designer
and reviewer shall not be the same person. The engineer or architect signing the project drawings shall be a
professional engineer (P.E.) or a registered architect (R.A.) in the State of record of the A/E or the State of the
proposed construction project. In addition, each project drawing shall be signed by a corporate member of the
prime A/E in the title block marked "submitted by". Each project drawing must be stamped with the appropriate
registration seal and original signature of the architect/engineer for that discipline, with the seal placed next to the
title block.
4.11 Preparation of Record Drawings
A record of changes made during construction will be made by the Construction Contractor on a copy of the
project drawings. At the conclusion of the construction and when required by a change order to the A/E
contract, the A/E shall correct the original project drawings to show the "as-built" changes indicated on the
marked-up prints. Deletions or superseded portions of the project drawings shall be erased. However, optional
methods of construction not used shall be crossed out and noted "NOT USED". These record drawings shall
show only the actual construction. The final product will be an update of the electronic files that will then be used
to produce a set of record drawings. Each drawing should have a dated note that reads as follows:
This sheet supercedes the original bid drawing.
Deliverables shall include:
1) Two copies of the electronic files on CD-ROM, 100MB Zip disk (Zip drive) or 1GB Jaz cartridges
(Jaz drive)
The electronic drawing files shall meet the requirements set forth in EFA Chesapeake standard
"Requirements for Computer Generated Submittals to the Engineering and Design Division".
2) Two copies of 35 mm microfilm on aperture cards

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