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QA REPORTS: SPECSINTACT has the ability to make many quality checks on the specification.
These include checking for bracketed choices which remain unresolved, sections that are referred
to in the text but missing from the specification, removing unused reference documents, and
others. The A/E shall select that these reports be produced during the editing process. These
reports will locate problem areas in the specification, which need the attention of the A/E. It is
not intended that the A/E send EFA Chesapeake a long list of these errors, rather the errors shall
be corrected and the report re-run until the output shows that there are no errors. Submit the `no
errors' report with the specification. If errors cannot be resolved, contact the Specifications
SUBMITTALS REGISTER: The SPECSINTACT program allows for the production of a
submittal register to be printed along with the project specification. This register is to be included
in the specification following the Submittal Procedures section.
SUBMITTALS DATABASE: In addition to the printed Submittals Register, the A/E shall include
two disk copies of the Submittals Database. This is prepared by using the SPECSINTACT
DISK SUBMITTALS: Floppy disks shall be 3-1/2" High Density (1.44MB). Attach labels to
each disk clearly identifying the project title, Contract Number, Specification Number, and disk
content. Number the disks so the total number is readily apparent, i.e. "Disk 2 of 3". Differentiate
Specification disks from the Submittals Database disks. Make all disks using the SPECSINTACT
program, do not use DOS or any other method. Only disks produced within the SPECSINTACT
program will work when used in other machines.
5.7.2 Format of the 100% and Final Specification
SPECIFICATION COVER SHEET: The Master Document for this page is found in Section
01110, Summary of Work.
MULTIPLE VOLUMES: Specifications shall be printed single-sided. When printed for bidding
purposes, the specification is printed two-sided to reduce bulk. Nevertheless, the size may
become unwieldy. To separate the specification into volumes, produce identical cover pages with
the addition of the words "VOLUME II of II" below the project location line to indicate the
Volume number and total number of volumes.
SEPARATOR SHEETS: Do not include separator sheets between sections of the specifications.
SPECIFICATION TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Table of Contents is produced automatically by
SPECSINTACT from the Print Menus.
DRAWING LIST: The Drawing List is found in Section 00102, List of Drawings. This is the
only document in the "00 Documents Series" which is produced by the A/E. Include this section
when submitting the specification for review and with the final submittal. Edit this section
regarding Reference Drawings and Subsurface Data. Keep this section separate from the rest of
the specification when submitting. Do not include this section in the Specification Table of

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