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PROJECT INFORMATION FORM: The Project Information Form is a document used
throughout the design process to share information about the project. The Form is to be
completed and returned at the 100% and Final Submissions. Instructions for preparing the form
are available from Code 04A6 through the AIC/EIC.
Design/Build/Bridging Specification
5.8.1 Contents of the Review Package
The specification for this type of procurement may vary from a few pages to a nearly "complete"
specification. Included here is the definition for a medium-complex project.
Include all Division One sections as applicable. Include only those technical sections from
Division 2 through 16, which are required for the design elements that have been fully designed,
such as Civil siteworks, etc.
Include a section "01220 Building Design Requirements", organized in accordance with
UNIFORMAT organization. Each feature of the design shall be briefly specified with the
following contents:
1. Industry reference standards to be followed
2. Design requirements/performance
3. Submittals during design
4. Required testing and verification
5. Submittals during construction
Print single-sided.
Proprietary or Restrictive Requirement
This shall not be used unless it is established by EFA CHES conclusively that no substitute serves the purpose.
When a proprietary product is proposed for use, it shall be fully justified in writing and presented to the AIC/EIC
no later than at the 35% Submission. Use the "Or Equal" specifications below if only three manufacturers make
the product.
5.9.1 "Or Equal" Conditions
Specifying products by the use of commercial trade names is permitted only with a justification under the
following conditions:
No Government or Industry document standard or specification exists for the product.
The product is only a minor part of the construction.

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