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Block 10.
Description of Proposed Construction
Block 11.
Requirement including: (to be provided by the Activity and validated by the A/E)
a. A narrative discussing how this project scope was derived.
b. Requirement description either justification for a new mission, justification for
expand/changed mission, justification for Capital Investment,or justification for
mission, impact Requirement must include "need by date".
c. Current Situation description.
d. Impact if not Provided Including impact if not provided by the need date.
e. Additional information, including how this project fits the activity's long term vision,
the alternatives to construction considered (lease, renovation, addition, alternation, use
of other existing facilities, etc.), and the rationale for selecting new construction as the
best alternative to satisfy the requirement.
Block 12.
Environmental Planning/NEPA/Site Approval including:
a. Anticipated level of NEPA (Cat Ex, EA EIS) and anticipated completion date
b. Soils & Foundations from historical records
c. Contamination studies from historical records
d. Issues associated with explosives safety, Air Installations Compatible Use Zones
(AICUZ), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) safety, jurisdictional wetlands, traffic
flow, operational space, endangered species and/or their critical habitat, air quality and
attainment status, cultural/archaeological resources, etc.

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