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Appendix II
The following is an example of the format and content for the Basis of Design Report. Each
discipline shall discuss Sustainable Design features incorporated into the project as outlined in
Section 2.14.
Architectural/Interior Design
Design Area Tabulation:
The project gross area shall not exceed that area stipulated by the scope of work
contained in the 1391, without prior approval of EFA CHES. The A/E shall
provide in the Basis of Design a complete program to include area breakdown
tabulations for gross and net area to conform to scope and statutory criteria. A
supplemental drawing, indicating method of area takeoff, shall accompany the area
tabulation. Area square footage shall be calculated in strict compliance with DOD
MIL-HDBK-1190. If the square footage is revised, the A/E shall resubmit the
area tabulations at the 100% or Final Submissions.
The A/E shall provide a description of materials for all major items of construction
and all interior and exterior finishes. The description of the finishes may be
accomplished by the use of a preliminary finish schedule. Finishes shall be
appropriate for the design function. Allowable finishes are normally selected from
the design publication pertaining to the specific type of facility.
The A/E shall list all criteria being used in the structural design of the project. The
list shall include Design Manuals, Mil Handbooks, Codes, Commercial Criteria,
and Industry Standards.
Design Loads
The A/E shall provide a tabulation of Design Loads (Dead, Live, Roof, Snow,
Wind, Seismic, etc.). The A/E shall also indicate the values for the various criteria
parameters, which are used in derivation of the applied loads.

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