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Foundation, Floor and Roof Systems
The A/E shall provide the alternative structural systems considered for each
system. The discussion shall include a detailed description of the proposed
foundations, floor and roof systems including dimensions of the major elements
and bay spacing, and an evaluation of the advantages, disadvantages, and
economics of each alternative.
Structural Framing System
The A/E shall provide a discussion of the alternative structural systems considered
and proposed for transferring the lateral and vertical loads to the foundation. The
discussion should include an evaluation of the advantages, disadvantages, and the
economics of each alternative.
General Requirements:
The A/E shall indicate the operational aspects of the building that affect
energy/HVAC usage (such as hours of operation, functions in the building that
require special attention, zoning characteristics, etc). Indicate the facility's
different functions and their general HVAC needs and zoning.
Heating and Air Conditioning:
1. The A/E shall give full consideration to all applicable design policies described
in MIL-HDBK-1190, MIL-HDBK-1003/1 and the Code of Federal
Regulations 10 CFR 435.
2. Indicate the inside design temperature and relative humidities, the outside wet
and dry bulb design temperatures, and the "U" factors for the type of
construction proposed.
3. Specify areas to be heated and/or air-conditioned.
4. Provide a description of the Heating and Air Conditioning systems proposed.
Discuss the concept of piping distribution and the type of terminal systems.
Discuss the number and type of chillers and boilers proposed and their
operational arrangements, etc.
5. Provide a description of the available utilities, such as, chilled water, steam,
high temperature hot water, natural gas, etc., and how the proposed
mechanical design will use the utilities for the HVAC systems.

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