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6. Provide an outline of energy conserving features of the system.
7. Provide a brief description of the control system proposed.
8. Briefly describe the merits of the proposed system in terms of first costs,
operating costs, efficiency, maintainability and practicality for the project's
requirements to be satisfied.
The A/E shall describe how the ventilation system is to be provided and how the
quantities were derived. Describe the smoke removal systems employed, and the
operation of the total system in summer and winter use.
Building and Load Characteristics:
The A/E shall provide a summary of the building and load characteristics for the
project. This shall include the cooling load characteristic (gross square foot per
ton), the heating load characteristic (BTU per gross square foot), and other load
factors used in the calculations to account for loads due to people, ventilation,
equipment, lighting, power, etc.
Automatic Temperature Controls:
Provide a description of the type of controls that will be employed in the project
and the basis of this decision. Discuss any characteristics of the control system
that are required by the activity and/or user. Some activities desire proprietary
characteristics that must be identified early. If the new control system is to
communicate with or be integrated into an existing control system, provide a
discussion of how this is done. If industry standard communication protocols are
to be employed, discuss why and how this is to be achieved.
The A/E shall provide a description of the domestic cold water supply system, the
hot water supply system, the sanitary drain and venting system and the storm water
drainage system. Provide design factors that will be used in the calculations.
Select the type of materials proposed for the water pipe, stacks, etc. Provide size
of domestic water service pipe, sanitary pipe and storm sewers. Provide available
water pressure data. Indicate use of sump pumps and ejectors. Indicate the need
for special systems, such as gas, compressed air, vacuum, distilled water, medical
gases or other special systems.

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