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Refrigeration (Cold Storage):
The A/E shall provide a statement of areas to be refrigerated, including their usage
and temperatures to be maintained, as well as the outside design dry and wet bulb
temperatures, the type of refrigeration equipment, and the type and thickness of
the refrigeration insulation.
Fuel Distribution and Storage:
1. For gas distribution, provide a statement of the type, the location of the takeoff
from the supply and the available pressure, and describe the type and the
materials for the pipe and valves.
2. Provide a statement of the type of unloading facilities, e.g., dock, tank car or
truck, indicating the type of system and the proposed features for liquid
petroleum gas systems (LPG). Indicate the basis for the storage capacity, the
rate of pumping and the number of dispensing outlets. Describe the power
supply and power requirements. Select the type and the materials for the pipe,
tank and valves. Describe the LPG system and materials, where applicable.
Describe the method of spill prevention, containment and leak detection alarm,
meeting current criteria.
Combination Systems:
Consolidating the previous requested information for systems in which the heating,
ventilating and/or air conditioning are combined may eliminate repetition.
Energy Conservation:
Discuss the energy conservation features being considered and employed in the
design. If applicable, discuss how the design complies with the Code of Federal
Regulations 10 CFR, sub-Part A, Part 435. "Energy Conservation Voluntary
Performance Standards for New Commercial and Multifamily High Rise
Residential Buildings, Mandatory for Federal Buildings" (30Jan89).
If an "HVAC System Study" and/or a "DET Compliance Check" is being
performed, provide a summary of results.
Miscellaneous Mechanical Systems:
The A/E shall provide a description of any special mechanical systems, e.g.,
compressed air, hydraulic, nitrogen, etc., and explain the source of the medium.

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