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Heating Plants and Heating Plant Additions:
1. Provide a statement of the type of fuel to be used and an economic comparison
of the selected fuel with other available fuels.
2. Include a brief description of new boilers, including size, pressure and type.
3. Include a description of any new auxiliaries to be added and the source of
power to be used for their operation.
4. Prepare a description of the safety and combustion control systems utilized and
how they will perform.
Electrical and Telecommunications
Interior Distribution Systems [See EFA CHES Electrical Engineering (EE)
1. Provide a description of the electrical characteristics for the proposed
system(s), including phase(s) and voltage.
2. Provide estimates of KVA demand for each portion of the electrical
distribution system. Do not rely only on calculations (ie, connected load with
arbitrary demand factors applied) in sizing major electrical equipment.
Consider any available metering data of similar facilities and loads, from
activity; published data from journal articles, utility companies, etc. Do not rely
solely on advice from customers, other engineering disciplines, etc., in
estimating electrical demand, since such advice, if taken verbatim, may result in
excessively sized electrical equipment. Provide a breakdown of estimated load
for: lighting; convenience outlets in walls & floors; systems furniture and other
office loads; power for HVAC, plumbing, water & sewer (e.g., heating, air
conditioning, compressors, pumps); power for elevators; loads for special
operating equipment (400HZ, cranes, warehouse tools, receptacles for special
equipment, etc.):
3. Provide a description of proposed design. For lighting systems, describe type
of fixtures, lighting intensities, and proposals for occupancy sensors, dimming,
and day lighting controls. Describe plan for provision of power distribution to
plug loads (e.g., prewired office furniture systems, printers, copiers, etc.) Also,
alert us of any unusual conditions, or nonstandard design that is being
proposed/considered because of unusual restrictions, or because of requests
from station or building occupants. Notify us of directions that the A/E is

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