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4. Provide calculations to show short-circuit duty requirements for protective
devices and switchgear. Also provide voltage drop calculations.
5. Indicate motor control and type, e.g., variable frequency drives, across-the-
line, reduced voltage, etc., and rationale for selection.
6. Address the provision of interior small signal telecommunications system
pathways, raceways, spaces, grounding, and, as required, wires, jacks, and
entrance equipment. Systems to be addressed include voice, data, LAN,
intercom, security, and cable TV. Design shall at minimum comply with
Military Handbook 1012/3, EIA/TIA 568A, 569 & 607. Participation in AE
design by an RCDD is encouraged. (Fire protection system requirements,
including alarm systems, should be covered in a separate portion of the Basis
of Design).
7. Address the adequacy of the exterior power distribution system to serve the
new load at the point of connection. If the source is inadequate, indicate
measures necessary to correct the deficiency.
8. Indicate and describe any special power system requirements, e.g., emergency
power generator(s), 400Hz systems, lightning protection, grounding, UPS
systems, etc.
Exterior Distribution Systems [See EFA CHES (EE) Checklist.]:
1. Address the adequacy of the primary supply system at the point of connection.
If the primary source is inadequate, indicate proposed measures to correct the
2. Indicate the electrical characteristics of the power supply to the activity or the
portion involved, including circuit-interrupting requirements and voltage
3. Provide an estimate of KVA demand. Also see item A.(2) for analogous
4. Indicate the basis for the selection of the primary and/or secondary distribution
5. Provide a description of the proposed design, e.g., voltage drop, physical
characteristics of overhead or underground circuits, and type of lighting
intensities and lighting fixtures.
6. Describe requirements for exterior small signal telecommunications
requirements including raceways, ductbanks, and, as applicable, cables. See

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