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item A. (6) for analogous requirements. (Fire protection system requirements,
including alarm systems, should be covered in a separate portion of the Basis
of Design).
7. Indicate the short circuit duty required for protective devices and switchgear to
insure adequacy and function of the proposed electrical system.
The A/E shall list all criteria being used in the civil design of the project. The list
shall include Design Manuals, Mil Handbooks, Codes, Commercial Criteria, and
Industry Standards.
Water Supply:
1. Provide an evaluation of the existing system, including the type, capacity,
condition, present water use, and unsatisfactory elements of component part
(for major extensions).
2. Include a statement of the type of construction, proposed materials for water
mains, type of well, etc.
3. Provide a discussion of the design for distribution systems indicating the
domestic and fire flow, the residual pressure, and the elevation differentials
(This should include the designer's basic estimate of the tentative pipe sizes.).
4. Provide a statement of the tentative sizes, elevations, capacities, etc., as can be
readily determined without long computations or design, consideration for
reservoirs, treatment units, pumping plants, well pumps, etc.
5. Storm Sewers and Drainage Conveyance Systems
a. Provide descriptions of existing systems, including information as to type,
capacity, and condition
b. Discuss the design factors to be employed to fully meet all pertinent design
criteria and regulations.
c. Identify systems currently surcharged as well as those potentially
surcharged as a result of construction.
d. Recommend design solutions to economically improve systems incapable
of adequate stormwater collection and conveyance.

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