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e. Indicate acceptable system materials and construction methods.
Sewers and Sewage Disposal Systems:
1. Provide an evaluation of the existing system, including the type, capacity,
condition, present flow and the unsatisfactory elements of the component parts
for major extensions.
2. Include an interpretation of the degree of treatment necessary by effluent
requirements and the units necessary for treatment.
3. Provide a statement of the design factors with present and projected design
population loads for sewage treatment plants.
4. Indicate the materials to be used for sewer systems and sewage treatment
Roads, Driveways, Parking Areas and Walks:
1. Provide a statement of the general soil conditions, with a brief outline of the
soil exploration and testing performed.
2. Describe the type and volume of traffic, controlling wheel loads, and types of
classes of roads under consideration, with justification for any deviation from
criteria thickness' for those classes.
Airfield Pavement:
1. The relative economics of rigid and flexible paving are constantly changing
with the improvement of design features and construction techniques and with
the development of new products. These factors are of significant importance
in both new pavement construction and in the rehabilitation of existing
pavements. All projects require careful study and evaluation of the in-place
materials and the proposed construction materials. For the purposes stated,
NAVFAC wishes to carefully review the design cross sections of all major
airfield-paving projects.
2. MIL-HDBK-1190 requires that alternate designs be prepared for both concrete
and flexible pavement of all noncritical areas and that the contractor be given
the option of providing either. There are no quantity limitations on this
3. Include a statement of general soil conditions with a brief outline of the soil
exploration and testing performed.

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