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Cathodic Protection:
1. Provide results of soil resistivity measurements, when underground storage
tanks or piping systems are required.
2. Include variations in soil makeup.
3. Indicate the soil moisture content and normal seasonal variations.
4. Include the results of structure-to-soil potential measurements, where
protection is to be provided for existing underground structures or where
buried test specimens are used for a new installation.
5. Include the results of the temporary cathodic protection tests, if any.
6. Indicate the type of cathodic protection applied and the reasons for its
Environmental Pollution Control:
The A/E shall provide a statement describing potential environmental pollution and
the proposed method of control. A detailed description shall be necessary for
those facilities directly related to controlling air and water pollution, e.g., sewage
treatment plants, industrial treatment facilities, incinerators, smoke elimination
facilities, buried tanks and piping, etc.
Site Development:
Describe the site of the project and its natural advantages and disadvantages,
relative to the proposed project. Additional statements shall be made outlining the
proposed landscaping (hardscape and softscape) and other site work necessary to
complete the site development.
Hazardous Materials
Provide the following information:
1. Discuss findings of discussions with activity Environmental personnel as to the
status of the site (i.e., is the site free of environmental concerns such as
petroleum contamination, heavy metals, etc.)
2. Identify the hazardous materials and waste expected to be encountered in the

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