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3. Include statements describing the steps taken to identify these materials and the
appropriate measures required to ensure that pertinent hazardous material
regulations will be met.
Fire Protection
Fire Protection Basis of Design Report
The following information shall be provided for every project, whether it is new
construction or a renovation project. This information shall be entitled "Fire
1. The occupancy classification; height and area calculations; type of
construction; required building separation or exposure protection; rating of
structural components; classification of interior finishes; location of fire-rated
walls and partitions; description of construction (e.g., spray-applied fire
proofing on beams and columns, but not on the underside of the floor slab;
how the space between the curtain wall and the flooring will be sealed to
maintain the hourly rating of the floor; etc.)
2. Exit information, including the number of exits, type of exits, exit travel
distance, total exit width, total occupant load, common path of travel, etc.
Provide all exiting information on the furniture layouts.
3. Description and location of all new and existing fire extinguishing and/or
detection systems, fire alarm systems, fire pumps to be provided or existing to
remain or modified.
4. Location of required fire hydrants (new and existing). If the fire hydrants (new
and existing) are not shown on the civil drawings, a statement identifying
drawing location and hydrant compliance with Navy criteria, will be
5. Identification of all hazardous areas (chemicals, fuels, ordnance, etc.) and the
indication of how these hazards will be protected.
6. Summary of the data obtained from the water flow test and determination of
the adequacy of the water supply (even for facilities without sprinkler
protection), along with sketches of the water distribution system
7. For facilities that will be provided with automatic sprinkler systems, provide
the following information:
a. Description of sprinkler system(s)

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